Once upon a time…

Swans have been featured in classical music, fairy tales and folk lore throughout the ages and in every culture.  With such a rich heritage, I've given my swans starring roles as royalty in my quilt.  ( If one is good, then two are better, right?) 

My whole cloth quilt is handpainted on 100% cotton, white Kona muslin, using acrylic paints with textile medium added.  I used ironed on freezer paper as a mask while I was painting the water.  The composition is my original design, and I had to restrain myself from adding too many 3 dimensional embellishments to the simple quilting.  In keeping with the challenge to feature machine stitching, I chose to outline the painted elements, and add interest and texture to the design with straight machine stitches.  The exception is the satin stitching in the dragonfly's wings, the decorative stitching in the cattails, and the free motion stitching used to create the nest.   I also added a few tiny seed beads here and there, "jewels" to the crowns, and a hot fixed crystal on the dragon fly.  Additionally, I gave the female a necklace of silk ribbon roses which are done by hand.

My machine is a 35 yr old Pfaff which has served me well as a basic functioning work horse.  I would love to have a new machine, that will enable me to unleash my creative ideas in thread and fabric.



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20 thoughts on “Once upon a time…

  1. I may know my way around a sewing machine, but I sure had trouble uploading my photo to this site!  Can someone please tell me how to add additional photos, such as the close ups that I’ve seen on other entries?  I tried, but they do not appear.

    Thanks for any help!

  2. Barbara, this is so beautiful. You did a fabulous job. Best of luck. Sounds like you need a new machine, however your work has not suffered!

    Jeannine Bartnicki

  3. hi, I fell in love with your interpretation of our challenge. You stitching is fabulous and so is your fabric painting and embellishment. Love it.

  4. I like the way you have stitched the grasses and cattails in your piece;  they add a lot of dimension too. ( I had fun working on the grasses and details of my piece “Vigil”.)  I also like the overall “fairytale” feel of your piece.  Good Luck!!

  5. This piece is beautiful. I agree with Darlar, the fairytale theme you created is wonderful interpretation.  The quality of your workmanship is obvious.  You have my vote!