Orchid #1

This is a project in progress. I belong to a group of fiber artists in the Charlotte NC area, and we are all working on pieces for an exhibition based on orchids. I took this to the group last week, and asked for advice about the black background. I am dissatisfied with it. The general consensus was that the leaves quilted in the black background were distracting. I am considering ripping them out and quilting using black thread so I will get some texture, but no distracting color. I'd love to hear what others think!

This piece is 12 x 18". I painted the orchid on white fabric, then hand-appliqued it to the black background, then quilted it.

You can read more about my project and others on the Fiber Art Options blog, http://www.fiberartoptions.blogspot.com


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4 thoughts on “Orchid #1

  1. Personnally, I don’t think these leaves are distracting ! they add some texture without being too showy and it’s nicer than a plain and black background ! By the way, your orchid is ever so nice !

  2. Hi,

    Your orchid is very beautiful. If you disliked the black background, you could add a hued muliple complementary colors of your pink flower; such as multiple purple-green, turquoise, little orange-yellow, and ect… Those colors will brighten up your flower instead of distracting. In fact they will enhance the beauty of your pink flower.

    My background is a watercolor painter, and an art enthusiastic quilter. :=)

    Agnes O’Keefe