Osprey: Airy Aerie

This was my response to the Homonym Word Challenge. There is wool, cotton, yarn, actual Ponderosa Pine needles, netting, individually cut feathers (!), thread painting of pine cones and needles, quilting, raw edge applique, satin stitch, feather of wool, stitched, then overlaid with rayon embroidery thread. If/when I ever find a fluffy osprey feather I will replace the manufactured one.

Thanks for the Challenge QA! If I ever get stuck on what to do next, I will go homonym shopping again…

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3 thoughts on “Osprey: Airy Aerie

  1. Hi  Love the osprey and the pine needles look so real – well done.  I was going to do a homonym word challenge – thought of lots of words and never got round to doing anything!!  Not sure if it’s too late!  Ps  Hope you get a real osprey feather – do you live anywhere near an osprey’s nest?  Dianne

  2. Morning, Quine! There are osprey at the lake I fish (almost daily during season). There are bald eagles, too. After watching both birds go after fish, I will bet my money on the osprey every time. Incredible hunters!

    Re: Word Challenge. I didn’t worry about timeline, as this was an idea booster, not a contest. And boy, what an idea booster it is. I thought of fore/four, using four golfers teeing off simultaneously… many of the ideas generated seemed to have humor in common, just like the other quilt shown with hare/hair. Go for it Quine! We want to see!

  3. Hello Lindy  Thank you for your encouragement – I am hoping to get started doing a homonym word challenge now.  (I have never posted any projects on Quilting Arts before).  Unfortunately my sewing machine is broken at the moment but I have borrowed my grandaughter’s little one till I get a new one (hopefully soon) – really miss not having one.

    Nice to hear you have ospreys and bald eagles too nearby  – lucky  you are able to fish.  Although I live not too far from an osprey nest and rivers I have never tried fishing before.  I would rather sew.