our foremothers work :)

I did not make this quilt but while going thru another old box of quilt magazine I spotted her and thought all here might like it as much as I do , it was made by Cindy Davis out of Colorado back in the 80s out of the last of the feedsacks, she had several pretty ones and put out a call for feedsacks and so put them all together, she ended up with a stack of what she thought were uglies , her writing about it was great , how she bought the red and black to make them work together and ended up with something that even she never imagined, I knew we arent suppose to covet our neighbors quilts but in this case I do , she made the perfect feedsack quilt all by serindippity 🙂

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3 thoughts on “our foremothers work :)

  1. Absolutely beautiful! It is wonderful to think that she used the feedsacks in such a unique way and that it came together so perfectly-and then the result is such a breathtaking piece! What pretty thoughts must have created this lovely quilt!