Owl Be Yours

This quilt was inspired by the Project QUILTING Challenge 'Be My Valentine'.  

When I first read this challenge my mind started turning. I'll be honest, I think 'Be My Valentine' is a cheesy challenge BUT I did love the fact that we couldn't use much red or pink withi it.  

I initially had one idea that would involve a lot of handwork but as I thought about it more I realized it would also need red or pink to make it truly what it deserved.  So…I changed my train of thought.  I then realized that the class I had taken the previous day – How to Paint an Owl' with Juliette Crane was the perfect inspiration!  And it was.  


My piece is called 'Owl Be Yours'.  


-Pieced the main background fabric AND the border strips.


-Fusing, Fusing Fusing!  I fused all the brances and each sepearte piece of the owl onto the fabric.


– I then took a piece of fusible fleece and did the outline quilting of the owl.  I cut it out for the 'trapunto' technique.


– Free Motion Quilting.  I did LOTS and LOTS of free motion quilting on this piece.  To create more texture in the branches, throughout the owl, I did an awkward, not perfect outline of the brances with varigated purple thread to create a 'windy' look, fun whimsical half circles all arond the owl, feathers on the owls head and wings, hearts, the word's 'Love' and 'Amore' in the wind…the more you look…the more details you would see.


– What's a project without a little fiber?  I appliqued fun fiber onto the branches and the owl.  The owl fiber was meant to give you the feeling of feathers and to create some distinction between the tree and the owl.


-Oil Pastels, I used some of my oil pastels to create some shine on the beak and the feathers.  I also used some bronzer to give the owl some flushed cheeks. 


– Paint – three small white dots were painted in each pupil – to help make them look more realistic.


Did I mention – of course my owl is pregnant!


Approximate Dimensions:  22.5" x 24"


Created in Poynette, WI 


~Kim Lapacek, KimsCraftyApple

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4 thoughts on “Owl Be Yours

  1. I think he’s cute.  He looks like a little Ninja Owl standing on guard for thee…!

    Love the way you did this little fellow… love the colours and the imagination of the piece and also appreciated your writing down how you did it so that someone, like myself, can learn from it.  Thank you.