painted cotton batting

Tried to experiment painting on cotton batting. Surprising how it looks like skin. I added some mirror squares to enlight it.

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7 thoughts on “painted cotton batting

  1. I agree with you, “Smidgen“, things needn’t be complicated ! most of the time I see too many superpositions or layers ,especially in mixed media works.To “approachable art “: just try to paint on the cotton batting, it’s eay and gives a soft touch,too.

  2. I too love the simplicity of the piece.  My sister would really like this one.  Now, I will have to add this to my ever growing list of things to try.  🙂 

  3. Hello, Ronni, let me answer your question : I used  Setacolor fabric paintings by Pebeo, the transparent ones for a watercolor effect and  the opaque ones for a stronger touch. These paintings are fixed by ironing.I add some metallic or iridescent ones for light effects.