Panda Perfect Day

Remember those days when you were so tired but delighted with that little toddler. I love Panda's. It was a joy to create this natural habit and pool for them to rest at.  All hand applique with hundreds of tiny pieces collaged together.  Machine quilted on a Bernina

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8 thoughts on “Panda Perfect Day

  1. I really admire your technique.  This piece is stunning!

    I had a close look at it and it just blew me away!

    If I could have given it more then 5 stars, I would have… love the pandas… especially the eyes… so beautiful!


  2. I like the over all feel this gives, the way you did the water fall, and your choice in trees.  Well done!!!…..I also enjoy Panda’s and have thought it would be fun to make a quilt showing one of my grandchildren (adopted from China), sitting in the jungle having a picnic, with Panda’s seated all around her on a blanket, sipping tea and sharing cookies..Your quilt has motivated me to “get it done”….Thanks for sharing!