Peach Blossom Art Quilt Collage

I wanted to try my hand at thread painting and finally took the time to do it.  I chose a challenging subject of a face and am thrilled with my results.  I then put the face onto a collaged quilt.  The leaves are Lutradur.

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7 thoughts on “Peach Blossom Art Quilt Collage

  1. Wonderful, I wish i could see a close up of the face.  How big is the quilt?  Did you use paint or ink too?

    So many questions but it is wonderful


  2. I went to your blog and I was impressed your thread work face is even more amazing up close..  Thank you for sending me there.  I have to smile you talked about  Lutradur.  I have never heard of it before so I figured you were from somewhere over seas.  Imagine my surprise when I read you are from North Dakota.  Uff Da!   I graduated from Minot state.    Soo what is Lutradur?


  3. Whidbey, I found this information that probably explains Lutradur better than I can off the top of my head.  The information comes from C&T Publishing:

    • Fabulous new non-woven fabric adds interest to art quilts, scrapbooks, ATCs, bookmaking, altered arts
    • Ultra-strong sheets are easy to fold, cut, stitch, distress, and embellish
    • Create delicate translucent effects with paints, inks, dyes, and stamps
    • The perfect size for ink-jet printers or all-in-ones
    • Learn all about how to use Lutradur in Fabulous Fabric Art with Lutradur by Lesley Riley

    Lesley Riley’s book is a great resource for learning great ways to work/play with it.