Peacock Kaleidoscope Quilt

this quilt is about 30 inch square and all handworked like the others but I went with a more pronounced design using 6 pieced together peacocks and branches ,it never fails to amaze me how they come out,

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5 thoughts on “Peacock Kaleidoscope Quilt

  1. 5 big ones and 18 little ones , the little ones since the first of the year, about a week apiece on them , working on 19 now, I have a flighty attention span and usually get tired of things and want to do other things but seems like the Ks just keep on coming, Thanks for the comments , it really helps to see what people think ,I try to make all the Ks sparkle but some just dont and some do and I cant seem to figure out the why of it,

  2. I heard a saying once , she who dies with the largest stash wins 🙂 I would bet you Im in the running, its not the most expensive stash but it takes up a 12 foot wall 6 ft tall and crammed in solid, I’m a collector at heart they call that a hoarder these days but I perfer the word packrat 🙂