Pear of Hearts

Based on Jane Davila's pattern from the QA Gifts 09 issue—i sized it up, used hot colours of my own hand dye, free motion stitched anatomical heart studies and heart symbols, hand embroidering several—-combining my love of word play and making something different is my idea of loosening up for some "serious" work–after all, my "interior landscapes" are quite different from everyone else so why shouldn't my fruit be? :}

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5 thoughts on “Pear of Hearts

  1. Love the colors.  I use a great deal of hand dyed fabrics in my art quilts.  I’m fortunate to have a friend in CA who supplies me with wonderful fabrics she dyes.  I love quilts a little over the edge.  Nice job.


  2. Thank you! You can read about the making of this one here.

    I have been stockpiling my own dyes for awhile and now am ready to use them; commercial fabrics don’t interest me anymore except as a base or to alter.