Here's another over the top embellishment. This time I covered a pebble. Makes a great paperweight.

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6 thoughts on “Pebble

  1. Thanks for that! And you know the great thing? They’re addictive because every one is very different. Also the ‘ingredients’ are small and very portable and I can do it on a plane (using a floss box as a cutter). The one above even has tyvek in it.

  2. Hi

    I am truly impressed, really love this piece,colours and textures, reminds me of an underwater scene at the beach here in ‘down under’

    (Please wont you ‘ whisper ‘ the how-to-do’?)

  3. Funnily I am looking in here again and came across your “pebble”. I started to write and went to hit enter when I saw that I have already written a note to you. Well I repeat that note and tell you I am extremely inspired by your art.