Perfectionist’s Nightmare Art Quilt by Julie

This art quilt is what propelled me to focus much more of my studio time on fiber art pieces. I had so much fun with this! Confession time? Until this quilt, I've been an uptight quilter, painstakingly measuring and remeasuring every cut and seam to the point quilting became stressful for me. Designing and making this quilt allowed me to free that inner artist, and there's been no turning back since.

This quilt is not for the faint of heart. It's close enough to the original block to drive any type A quilter cross-eyed. Can you tell which traditional block it is based on? Can you see one of the traditional elements in the center? This quilt is named, "Perfectionist's Nightmare" for good reason. The lines are anything but straight. The quilting varies with the color of thread used, and there is even a small amount of hand stitching thrown in next to machine stitching. A few loose threads hang from the bottom, while some of the fabric was ripped to make strips. (I wish the stitching showed up better.)

And there's even more "wrong" with it…


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One thought on “Perfectionist’s Nightmare Art Quilt by Julie

  1. lol, I like that you have let loose!  I’ve never been a perfectionist, but have tried to ‘do it right’ in the past.  A trip to a national quilt show shoved me lock stock and barrel into art quilts because I KNEW I didn’t want to be that person.  Good job!  My first (and only) Log Cabin is out in the Photo Gallery somewhere…