Back on June 24th I showed a black and white computer pic of a quilt I had worked up , Well today shes finally finished, I named her ' Persnickity' because that means paying attention to tiny details,                                                                                     this quilt is all handmade and measures   98"by 74"                                                                                                                                  It has two matching one fabric Kalidescopes surrounded with 72 wackadoodle stars,                                                                      A Wackadoodle is my way of using up unwanted large pieces of fabric to make more room on my shelves for more fabric, they must be made of stash fabric only. This one started out with two large flowery fabrics witch didnt have anything eles in common so the background had to somehow make them play together , I drove everyone here and at home nuts for a week trying to find a background and would like to say thanks to all those that helped me,I quilted it by hand in  a large sprial and was within minutes of finishing her when my 6ft teenage son came through the front door with a mad red wasp on his head, Have you ever had a time in your life when your just grateful that it didnt get up on youtube , well this was mine , The kid spazzed and the wasp spazzed and I spazzed and the wasp spray flew and the wasp picked my quilt to finally land …… upshot of the fight was that my quilt got a hefty spraying with wasp spray 🙁 I will let your imagination fill in the dirty words  but  peta would feel sorry for the wasp who didnt make it, The kid calmed down and got his dignity back somehow and I got to find out how to get wasp spray out of a quilt,  I first worried that it would stain it but it didnt , but the smell just wouldnt go away after washing it about 10 times with everything I had and rinsing it over 100 times Im sure all in the bathtub I then hung it outside on a sunny windy day , The combination seems to have worked and today I put a sleeve on her and call her finished.Every quilt is a saga of its own they all have their storys and this one will always make me laugh 🙂

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