Pet Portrait-Samoyed

Thread painted photo on fabric.

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4 thoughts on “Pet Portrait-Samoyed

  1. This  is really special…I can imagine how many hours it must of taken you to accomplish this amazing photo.  I have done a lot of pet photos…oil pastels, etc…& even my last one from fabric…I have received a lot of inspiration from you & will try a thread painting…THANKS  for sharing.

  2. Thank you for your kind words, Edyth! This site has inspired me time after time to try new things. We all have the joy of playing and growing. Be sure and share your results. :?}

  3. Anne, your are right on re: the photo. I have found the ‘secret’ to my thread painting is starting with an outstanding photo, with good contrast. The second secret is trying to match the thread to the photo colors as closely as possible. This samoyed is extra-dimensional in appearance due to my trying out a new way to mount the work prior to framing. I usedbasting spray on a flatboard canvas and smoothed the daylights out of it…resulting in the threadwork rising above the blue background. Fantastic!