Petri Dish Promenade

"Petri Dish Promenade"
by Susan Brubaker Knapp (2010)
19" x 34"

Cotton and cotton/silk fabric, threads, commercial and hand-dyed cotton and silk embroidery flosses and threads. The central panel was soy-wax batiked, then hand embroidered before it was reverse appliqued into the hand-dyed cotton/silk border. After additional hand embroidery, the entire piece was machine quilted.

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8 thoughts on “Petri Dish Promenade

  1. I used a glass to stamp hot soy wax on white fabric, then brushed it with dye. After all the wax was removed and the fabric washed, I stitched into the white areas.

  2. There’s more to this quilt that what first hits your eye… so glad you showed a closeup of your stitching.  Hand-sewn… so glad to see it… and the colours you used – so wonderful.

    A very beautiful piece… congratulations!