picking fabrics

last week I shared lots of differant fabrics to do this background , almost drove myself nuts on this one trying to choose, I think I had to hear the colors and Im tone deaf 🙂 I still dont know if its pretty or ugly but I do know its a one of a kind 🙂 this pic is just layed across the couch so it really is pretty straight in real live , amazing since I drafted it out myself too.it is going to have a tiny light torquise inner border and then semi sq it up with the light purple, and a binding of the fabric that made the stars, I dont want to ever make a boring quilt I want them to be differant and with that standard I think this one wins , Thanks for all those comments that really did help me,this is now the pic of the whole top , it is very large and has two matching 3ft kalidescopes with 72 surrounding wackadoodle stars, now on to the quilting 🙂

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