Pigeon English

Pigeon English is the name of a Ceilidh Band – they play traditional British folk tunes and we dance. Recently they had an anniversary and I decided it might be good fun to depict the band as pigeons.

I played around on photoshop until each of the pigeon was holding or playing an instrument. The melodeon player was probably the most fun – a lot of resizing, reshapint, turning and twisting of images on seperate layers was needed to create the effect. After printing the images, ensuring they were round the right way – one piece had a backward melodeon and so had to be redone, I then free motion machine embroidered them.

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3 thoughts on “Pigeon English

  1. Wow, Could we see a close up of one of the birds?  What size is the piece?  Isn’t photoshop type software the best?  How did anyone get along with out it in the old days.

    Thank you for sharing


  2.  Yes photoshop is ace, I learnt how to use it to create all sorts of wierd and wonderful things during my Graphic design diploma.  It was good fun – I’ll post a close up so you can see it more clearly. 

    Thanks for your comment.