The sacred trinity is so rich: (1) body, mind, spirit (2) past, present, future (3) thought, word, deed  (4) maiden, mother, crone (5) me, myself, I (6) father, son, holy ghost (7) mother, daughter, holy spirit.

A pod is a vessel, a receptacle of precious seed. Seeds signify possibilities. Every time we dare to hope or dream, another seed is planted. Note that the pod is broken open. How else can we plant seeds, other than by having the courage to reveal our inner selves ~ the rich, dark ground from which those seeds may sprout and blossom?

Collage Painting (acrylic paint, collage, and stamping, scratching, flinging, finger brushing, rubbing, layering, laughing)
16" x 20" wrapped canvas

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8 thoughts on “Pod

  1. Wonderful idea of seed and trinity. The seeds tough coating says so much about how we protect ourselves from the world and the tender seed body shows depth and potential for growth with its green. Your idea is very good and the expression of it leads one to think hard about the possibilities we all have. Thanks for sharing this with us. 


  2. Your theme is touching me deeply.
    I see every seed like a footprint – and in which directing will the feet bring us?
    I am right now reading a book: “Middlesex” of Jeffrey Eugenides. He is writing about the seeds lying waiting for their time to be born into our world. Which way will they grow and what is their potential – we all have choises to make.