Pohutukawa By The Water

The Pohutukawa tree in NZ flowers in November/December (early summer here) they grow into magnificent huge trees. I have planted approximately 25 of these trees on our property, and always feel the warmth of summer when they begin to flower in early November where I live near the beach. This is my own stylised design of the Pohutukawa flower and includes some beadwork which maybe hard to see on the photo. This piece measures 1m x 1m and also won first in the 'Multi Media' section of the WAX (Womens Art Exhibition) in 2007. I loved designing and working on this and went onto make another 2 wall quilts along similar lines- one has sold and the other has been selected to travel to France with a collection of NZ Quilts.

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4 thoughts on “Pohutukawa By The Water

  1. I can just imagine standing among the trees looking up at the sky and being surrounded by these beautiful flowers and feeling the sun’s warmth reaching down to the cool earth below and the fragrence whafting in the warm breeze! I guess you can say I really like this piece! Nancy

  2. Hi Nancy, thank you. Unfortunately these trees don’t have a fragrance, but the birds love them and they are just beautiful around our coastline around the East Coast of New Zealand.

  3. Oh this is so pretty. I’m a newbee and you are all so great at what you do. I’m just a little old granny looking for fun things to do.. You gals ARE GOOD!!! Thanks for sharing your work. Very inspiring..   Jude