7 thoughts on “Pokey’s Winterized Studio

  1. this is by far the best studio I have seen on this web site.  I love it and would love to have one just like it.  Kuddo’s to you!  Rhonda in Tx

  2. Rhonda, thank you!

    It’s currently a *mess* as I am doing a lot of wet work/ screen printing, but I adore it. I’d spend all of my time in here if I could!



  3. Pokey:  

    Wow not only organized but I like the idea of leaving your works in progress out where you can be reminded of them to work on as soon as you walk in the room.  I’m really organized too, but I always put my projects away so then I have to take everything out again.  Why don’t I just  “leave them out” ???

          Betty in Fl.

  4. I love your studio but I have a hard time beliving that you do art in there it is so white and clean. there was not a stain on anything how did you manage that?