Poles Along Highway 7, 6×8" stitched landscape

I framed this one in barnwood under glass.  Based on a photo I took from the car window last summer while traveling from Saskatoon to Calgary.  It's always been my favorite "accidental' photograph… perfect for stitching!  : )

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9 thoughts on “Poles Along Highway 7, 6×8" stitched landscape

  1. The clouds are cheesecloth, arranged on the fabric without adhesive, and then machine stitched on.  Cheesecloth sounds so tacky, but it really was just the right fibre for the clouds that day : )


    Thanks Nana, Lisa, and Lisa

    : )


    ~Monika Kinner-Whalen

  2. Such a sense of movement with this, I feel like my hair is blowing back in the wind.  Great photo of your work also, on enlargement, I could see every single stitch.