Portrait n·4 : my son…

Another portrait in our family cards quilting game : my son Joaquim. He's got a passion for sky observation from his early years ,that's why I free motion quilted some stars behind him. The whole quilt has been free motionned stitched. In the bottom background and his face I chose a butterfly pattern fabric. The quilting pattern in the bottom area is made of "j", like the 1st letter of his name .I realised I had unconsciously  chosen a blood red color in my daughter's portrait, this time I used it again, consciously, as my children are my flesh and blood, aren't they ? thus it appears a link between them, too.

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6 thoughts on “Portrait n·4 : my son…

  1. Nice again! It looks so natural. The explanation invited me to look very serious to your work. i love the details.

    I hope you have a large family, so we can keep on enjoying your work!

    Greeting, AnnekeI