Primative Flowers

I made this art quilt following a technique from a dvd of Katie Pasquini Masopust and I'm not happy with the contrast in the colors I picked so I didn't finish it. May it can be saved? I've done some quilting on it but thought maybe if I used red hues in the quilting on the background maybe this could tie it together more… I'd love some input! It's my second art quilt.


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3 thoughts on “Primative Flowers

  1. I quite like what you’ve done.  The picture with the quilting further enhances my appreciation of your piece.  My only suggestion would be a border in one of your red batiks.

  2. I agree with the previous comment about a border in in red, but I would go further and suggest  a triple border of dark/light/dark, making the outer dark wider than the other two, which needn’t be the same width.  You could use the fibionacci(?) scale to give you the widths?

    If you want to introduce some more contrast between some of the petals how about quilting some of them with a paler colour?