QA TV segment UFO

A while ago for QA TV, I did a segment on overdying commercial fabrics using this *great* fabric from Alexander Henry I had on hand. A black and white fabric, I dyed it in a variety of colors then free-motion quilted the piece.

As it was just to demonstrate a technique on QA TV, I haven't really done anything with this quilt. I am thinking of five options:

1. Cutting up into individual panels and collaging other fabrics in the same color schemes

2. Going crazy with embellishment. For example, in the yellow panel, adding all kinds of yellow embellishments: yellow buttons along the border, yellow beads and crystals to accent the figures, stitching seed stitches in yellow threads, etc.

3. Cut it up into ATCs. (Something I resort to a lot for my UFOs!)

5. Adding paint to the black-bordered fabric and making it more colorful. This piece has a fun print, but it feels drab with all that somber black.

4. Throw it away! (This is one of my least favorite UFOs)

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4 thoughts on “QA TV segment UFO

  1. oh definitely cut it up and add other fabrics with it…that would be my choice…or cover the black with the embellishments and meld them into one another…I think it is really cool, but you are right the black is too much…

  2. First off – I wouldn’t toss it…

    Cut away the black and see how you like each panel.

    If you don’t cut into smaller pieces, like 6 X 6 or postcard size or ATCs like you mentioned.

    Then, once smaller you can embellish like crazy.

  3. Very Andy Warhol in feel. Not really what I think of as “you” in terms of style. Cutting it up into panels could be the easiest way to deal with it–hey, then you could have a series! ;o) But what about the challenge of using it whole, and running with the idea of crazy embellishment or more paint to tie it all together?

  4. Jennsews2, you know me so well! 😉  Somehow I have to make this mine, and you are right: making panels and into a series would be the easiest, but I’m curious if I could push myself and somehow keep it whole and embellish like a mad woman. I think I am going to do a segment on this quilt for next QA TV taping and ask one of our invited designers to help me out. Might be fun…


    Thanks for the feedback, everyone!