Quilt As Desired :(

everyone shows their quilts off but when you get to the instruction saying quilt as desired it seems your on your own, it seems to me that most stencils and the like arent drawn by someone that actually quilts and you end up fighting to try to quilt it , so this is a design Im working on now and Im sharing it with the world or at least those here at quilting arts ,I made a homemade template and flip and mirror it to make the inner shapes ,just thought some might like to see what others do with the quilting designs

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One thought on “Quilt As Desired :(

  1. Beautiful!  I agree – that part of the instructions were always a little left to be desired.  This pattern is really great.  I bet quilting it would be meditative – reminds me of going in and out of a labyrinth! ; )

    Thank you

    ~Monika Kinner-Whalen