Quilt on studio wall

This quilt is currently my favorite.  I along with a few of my quilting buddies began a round robin with some quilters in CA.  This is the result.  Each of us was to come up with our own idesa and use that as the starter block.  My idea was "My Town".  Each person had to make a block that was 8 1/2 square that represented their home town that they grew up in.  I live in KY but grew up in WI.  The pictures around the center are from my childhood in "My Town".  I included a journal so everyone could add their story.  The journal is amazing to read, each of the stories is very unique, just like the blocks.  The round robin took us 2 years to complete.  We are currently working on another with the same group in CA.  My idea this time is Road Trip, your most memorable vacation.   I don't know what I'm more excited about the blocks or the stories.

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