Quilting Arts TV Preview of Episode 1104

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Kristine Lundblad

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Kristine is Associate Editor of Quilting Arts Magazine, Modern Patchwork, QuiltCon magazine, International Quilt Festival: Quilt Scene, Modern Patchwork Holiday and Quilting Arts TV.

8 thoughts on “Quilting Arts TV Preview of Episode 1104

  1. Hi Pokey, I watch your show all the time.  I particularly loved this episode, I wanted to find out the information for the nylon screenprinting.  Looking on this site, I can’t find the resource information.  Please let me know where I can purchase supplies and a how to guide for making my own screens, Thanks Ellen

  2. I’m very disappointed with this show and all the supposed resources given with it. There have been multiple comments about the lack of information on the show; and this episode in particular, with requests for more information. I’ve also looked multiple places and even talked to my local craft stores and with such a vage description of the product and its uses there was no way I could find it. I’m upset by your lack of customer support, The idea of your complete lack of follow up is disgusting and would never be tolerated in other similar companies. Shame on you Quilting Arts.

  3. Echoing below comments; I also am disappointed after watching QATV episodes which demonstrate techniques with the promise that details are available online. Instead, many episodes give us no more than a synopsis of what was aired. It is impossible to find a list of the products used and/or referred to in the episodes. 1104 was recently rerun. No info available on the screen printing demo. seeing below comments, I searched for Ginny Eckley and found that she sells the product EZ Art Screen (.com). Hope this is helpful. Perhaps 

  4. I too am disappointed with the change in format. I remember when you could download the episode info and the projects you wanted and print them up….what happened? please please please go back and unfix what didnt need fixing to begin with…thanks

    1. Hi Kalonalani,
      I’m so sorry to hear your are disappointed. We do our best to provide the information viewers want but we are restricted by PBS to not say brand names of products. In addition, sometimes we do not receive complete resources or directions from contributors. We are always trying to improve.
      Since a few seasons ago, we’ve had to change our policy regarding the instructions and patterns from QATV. It is very expensive to produce this high quality content free to PBS stations, and I hope you understand that we do need to pay our employees for their hard work creating this wonderful product. We hope the nominal fee for the projects we now charge (since Season 1400) won’t deter you from continuing to watch QATV. Projects for seasons prior to 1400 are available for free, if they were provided by the artists in the first place.