Rare Bloom

Free machine embroidered on soluble then moulded, beads added.

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8 thoughts on “Rare Bloom

  1. This is a fabulous piece! What a great way to use the soluable and I just love the background as well! You are quite the beader as well aren’t you! How long did this one take do you have any idea??? Love it! Nancy

  2. Hi Linda,

    Thanks for your comment. I see on your profile your heart journal for this year and gather you are also in A &NZ art quilters. Me too! I do mainly patchwork and quilting but have been trying to be a bit more ‘arty’. I have just started a blog if you want to have a look. It is fairly basic but you will get an idea of what I am doing. You can find it at http://nia-bellara.blogspot.com

    I guess I’ll see more of your work as our journals progress. I am still doing Feb, so have some cathcing up to do.