Razzy, Jazzy, White Noise Rag

     The image for “Razzy, Jazzy White Noise Rag” (37”W x 38”T x 1”D) was the result of a dream. I am fortunate that I often get great images during afternoon naps. (I need daylight to have these dreams.) My “white noise” machine used to drown out sounds seemed to be emitting rag time music while I was “seeing” a large, piano keyboard in my mind. (Ragtime music, while I enjoy it, is not a type of music to which I usually listen.) Since the dream was so vivid, and accompanied by music, which I don’t usually get in my dreams, the piece demanded to be given life. There was nothing left to do but get out the scissors, and start cutting.

     I don’t usually draw out my designs, as I seem to work best from what I see in my head. I just keep cutting and pinning the work until it looks right to me before appliquéing the pieces into place. When the work is going well, as it did for this one, the cutting out process takes about two full days to get the image in place. I then try to wait a week and fine tune the image before sewing down the pieces on my machine. Embellishment with buttons and beads takes from one to two months to complete, with the hand quilting taking about the same length of time. (Note: this is a much older quilt – my more recent ones are a 1’ square takes 1 hour.) 

   DETAIL PHOTO in the "comments" section below.

    You can see more of my art quilts at my web site at www.fiberfantasies.com


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5 thoughts on “Razzy, Jazzy, White Noise Rag

  1. Dear Jenniebeaucoup, yes, I do seem to see life through a different set of glasses. I had a friend once who said, “It must be fun to live in your head”. I took that as a compliment, as I find an endless source of fervor and amusement in my own thoughts. Put that together with the inspiration of sharing in this art community, and who knows what seeds might be planted…:)