Rebel Quilting: Thinking Outside the Block with Jamie Fingal

Join award-winning art quilter Jamie Fingal to learn her approach to making a quilt with unconventional materials…the rebel way! Jamie incorporates many different kinds of fabrics into her artwork, and on this DVD she demonstrates just how successfully they can be fused and used in fun and imaginative ways. Jamie guides viewers through the process of determining the best color palette choices, and she offers an in-depth exploration of design while working with several basic geometric shapes. While learning Jamie’s approach, viewers will see her work progress into a 4-panel piece, in which the sections are separated by a variety of trims, including zippers. The DVD includes a section on free-motion machine quilting, with Jamie demonstrating how she quilts the panels and how she adds the trims. Final details are added, the backing is attached, and Jamie shares her unusual (and simple) addition of hanging tabs. Viewers will appreciate Jamie’s planned and thoughtful approach, in combination with her freeing and unexpected methods—the rebel quilter way.

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