Red Head

One of the two carved, dried apple head dolls I am creating to show off the wool yarn I am making/selling. This craft is so very old, but the faces have such character it is worth resurrecting!

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6 thoughts on “Red Head

  1. Hello Lindy  I think your Redhead is interesting!  It would be great for Halloween!  Bit scary if you shine a torch under her chin!  Ha!  How did you made the dried apple head?  I have never seen this done before.  Well done for making your own wool yarn too. 

  2. Thanks, Quine! The first two I carved I tried to dry them outside. Not a bad idea, unless you live where I do…the deer devoured them!

    I put links on my blog, one for the tutorial I learned from, and one with tons of photos of various apple doll heads. Have fun, and put some pix on here when you get your Halloween groove on!