Red October – temporary photo

fiber art landscape 24 by 28 3/4 inches featuring hand dyed linen, hand quilting, wool & silk textured yarns and fabrics. The clouds are hand painted quilt batting with wool/linen blend stitching. Second in the series AFTER THE WARMING. Complete with beaded fire and smoke.

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2 thoughts on “Red October – temporary photo

  1. Hello Jane, 

    I have just seen your wonderful, ‘after the warming’ on Quilting Arts site. 

    I am just begining to TRY to dabble in ‘fibre art’/quilting, whatever… hand embroiderey  and sewing is my thing so far.

    i found your peice very inspirational. i love nature and it’s landsacpes; and living in Tasmania, Australia this is very relevant to me.

    i have been stuggling on ‘how to where to start’, and to me, this kind of thing should be very do-able!  i hope! 

    have pinned it to my pintrest.

    happy creating 

    cheers Joyce B Tassie