Redeeming Fragments

Hi, I'm uploading quilt, "Redeeming Fragments", as a way to introduce myself and also see if I can figure all this out! This quilt is made from a series of lithograph samples that I created while I was taking a lithography class in 2006. I was interested in experimenting with printing on fabric, and then I decided I needed to do something with all my samples.

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9 thoughts on “Redeeming Fragments

  1. Maria, I’m really glad you posted this.  I still have several samples of my etchings and also the original plates from my college printmaking days (eons ago)  I am going to try to put them to use again.  Now if I could only figure oure out how to used the ones for embossing…………..Jim D

  2. oooh, Maria, I love this. I really like the repetition, and the way you played with the scale. It really pulls my eye around the piece. Would love to see a detail shot.

  3. Hi Maria………you have such a gift for portrait quilts. You work magic……….the hands on this piece are wonderful.

    Thanks for posting this piece.  I am ordering your Quilting Arts DVD………..that’s all there is to it!

    I am the curved tip squeeze scissors quilter from Oregon.  You will love those scissors….

    Bye For Now,



  4. Interesting collage of repeating lines and shapes. It seems as if the quilting emphasizes the use of lines. Would love to see some detail shots posted. (Ypu can do that by clicking on the icon under the “Add a Comment” title. The icon you’re looking for is about 2/3 of the way acorss and looks like a pale green piece of 35mm film. Use about 300 x 300 for the dimensions.)