Regina Keast How Entertaining!

Regina Keast

Pomona, Queensland, Australia

For four years now I’ve been tap dancing twice a week with a remarkable group of women (about 50 individuals), aged between 35 and 75. Our teacher is 74. We perform free concerts and entertain at various venues such as nursing homes. We are often challenged mentally and physically, but we love it!

My quilt symbolises the ‘show-time’ when we dance with a top hat, gloves, cane, and bow tie. “Putting on the Ritz” was one of our numbers. The, hat, cane, gloves and bow tie  were separately pieced and appliquéd from cotton materials and lace, then embroidered using rayon, silk, and metallic threads onto irregularly folded Thai silk to give the effect of a stage curtain. The quilting included musical symbols to evoke rhythm and movement.

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One thought on “Regina Keast How Entertaining!

  1. Was that for the How Entertaining Challenge?  I entered a tap dance one too.  I like yours and the quilting of the music symbols is great!  Your groups sounds so interesting, fun and rewarding.