Running Water

Hello!  This piece is larger than most of mine.  It is 20×24.  The foreground water is done entirely with stitching — free motion with rayon, cotton, silk and metallic.  The top with all the leaves has many types of fabrics including double knit, angelina, organza, cotton.  Also, in the forest I have used a very heavy, 12 wt wool thread.  Purchased during a Starving Artist sale in my hometown of Mason, TX.  

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3 thoughts on “Running Water

  1. Hello, I find myself with a lot of time on my hands today and thought I’d spend it going through the forums and photos here.

    Very nice…most landscapes with water have the viewer on shore looking over water or the body of water is ran at an angle.  I like this because it is different in that I’m in the water, possibly canoeing, and moving directly toward land.