Scrap quilt

Hi it's not finished. I'd like some input on the placement of the birds. More? Less? Grouped together or pairs? And what are the thoughts of a way to bind it. What color? I'd love some input!!! Thanks

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6 thoughts on “Scrap quilt

  1. i really like your quilt ! I love the colors and the birds are well spaced I think !  I don;t know  about the binding,  I  like it as is, but you need to finish it, so  perhaps someone else can help with the binding…

  2. The birds look good It looks great without a binding.the way you placed them. Another option would be to fill up the bottom row all the way across to represent the way black birds are “flocking up” now — a sign of winter approaching here in Wisconsin.

    I think it looks great without a binding. To finish the edges, I would layer a piece of interfacing on top of the quilt, sew very close to the edges all the way around, then carefully cut a slit in the interfacing and turn the interfacing to the back = no binding.

  3. Very cute! Maybe a few more birds on the left side at the bottom? I like that its a bit random, i wouldnt do pairs as I think its more natural how you have tem already.

    Reg the binding Id keep it simple and use the black material to Kind of frame the quilt. Theres enough colour in the horizontal strips.

    cant wait to see finished quilt. Got me inspired now!!

    Jaynelb from UK

    Its lovely

  4. Like other commentors, I think it looks perfect as it is. Binding top and bottom creates openness along the sides, givng the impression that the inner horizontal lines continue off the edge. I like the arrangement of the birds. Leaving the lower left side free of birds gives the scene a more natural look and gives the viewer’s eye a place to rest. Thanks for sharing!!!