Sea Cave Landscape Quilt

Hand appliqued. 123 different fabrics thousands of pieces.  60 x 63

Won Best of Show at Rd. to California 2011

We kayak and I love sea caves. This was a tribute to the magical joy of discovery!

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15 thoughts on “Sea Cave Landscape Quilt

  1. Fabulous use of fabrics. Colours in the water are especially lovely. How big is this piece?  I can see why you won the prize. I study everyone’s work that posts hoping to learn more. Thanks for sharing and congratulations.

  2. Hi,I think your Quilt is beautiful and reminds me of some blowholes we have in Australia

    its such a delight to see your magnificent talent – Eulie

  3. I grew up on the Oregon Coast and it reminds me of home.  It’s a fabulous piece… thank you for sharing it!

    You’ve got the sedimentary layers perfect, just as it is on the shoreline.



  4. WOW WEE!!  This is a rock lovers dream ;o).   I love stones and rocks and this is magnificent!!  I also love realistic art quilts like this!!  Looks like a window to a glorious view.  Your combination of fabrics for the cave and surrounding rocks makes this piece sing.  Sure, EVERYTHING is great, but I cannot get over how fabulous the stones and rocks appear up close.  Thanks for sharing this beauty!!