Sew It Goes

This quilt was exhibited in the "Hanging by a Thread" show in Plymouth, Wisconsin as part of the Madison Contemporary Fiber Arts Group (MCFA).

The quilt depicts my feelings that our country is being torn apart.  As the country is being torn, our rights are being taken away, from privacy to our rights of free speech.  Many of the rights women have fought for are once again being questioned.

Newspaper print and headlines, tissue paper, ripped pattern pieces are applied to a base of muslin with medium gel, stitched.  Tea stained flag ripped and tattered was made with cotton.  The squares digitally printed – the universal symbol is organza and fused.  Squares overllay the flag and background, applied with beads in the eyelets of the squares.  32 X 22 1/2


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2 thoughts on “Sew It Goes

  1. Hm, some may feel ANY personal expression is creative or artistic, but I see no beauty or creativity in this, so would not personally consider it interesting, artistic, or creative. I do allow that everyone sees things differently, and it is nice to be able to put ones feelings into their craft, whether it be poetry, quilting, painting, writing, etc.