sewing even my finger !

Here I spend my time drawing ,painting, cutting, ironing,sewing…and 2 months ago, while I was trying to pick up the bobbin thread for free motion stitching,I pressed down on the pedal by accident,, I sewed my finger ! (=2 stitches) : it broke my nail and the needle and the thread went out through my finger ! ouch ! ..sorry, I didn't take any picture…now, believe me I think about letting my foot out of the pedal and I don't use the automatic cut for free motion,as it cuts the bobbin thread too short.

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3 thoughts on “sewing even my finger !

  1. Once, I sewed my thumb. I was home alone at the time and I was too scared to look at it. So I wrapped it up in a towel and walked to my neighbor’s house. He is an EMT and the thumb only needed cleaning. I’m such a baby. I didn’t sew for the rest of the day. I learned lesson, though and I’m much more careful now.

  2. I think it is the more powerful machines.  I have sewn for over 50 years and I got my finger too  about a year ago.   I was using the zipper foot on piping and I was in a hurry and distracted by only a second and zap.  


  3. After who knows how many years of rotary cutting  I decided to wipe a little lint off the blade one fine day. The blood didn’t get on anything important but i felt completely stupid.