10 thoughts on “Sharyn’s Whidbey studio

  1. My husband, family and neighbors built it.  I would never leave it if I had my way. 

    The lighting is a must  my eyes are too old to work well in the dark.  When ever I go to peoples homes for a visit they are too dark for me to do any hand work.  I discovered that I have perfect eyesight in bright sunlight.

  2. I know I am lucky.  I earned it by following my husband around the country where ever the US Air Force sent us for many years.

    I live on an island where every house has a studio of some kind.  So of course this house had to have one to keep it’s value.  That was my excuse.  But I am never moving again.  I tell my kids I will give them no problem in my old age if they just throw me some fabric once in a while and leave me here.

  3. Hi Sharyn, you are lucky and yes I am jealous, your studio is bigger than my back garden and probably my whole house!   I wish my husband was as considerate as yours, no he is really but in a different way for the life of me I can’t think what that way is! Lesley

  4. Whidby, You have a spacious and extremely light studio. Yes, mine generally is a mess, I try to clean up between projects, however, that doesn’t last long because I am immediately on the next , or have several going at one time.   Does “Bunnies in the Bay” still exist on the island?  I was always enthralled by pictures I would see in magazines of their shop.  I think many years ago they had a big write up in Country Living.  Have fun creating in that lovely studio!

  5. Sharyn, I love your studio. I want to come over and play at your house. LOL, Seeing the various studios on this website has set my thoughts in a new direction.

    My garage apartment started out as a Tole Painting classroom long ago. Also, a studio for beauth makeovers for Beauti Control Cosmetics. Over time my older kids have lived up there. In 1995 I started a Creative Drapery Design with my sister Janeen, We worked making custome designed draperies for 7 yr. She had left the drapery business before Jenny’s death, which was good for both of us as we would have gone upstairs, and cried all the time and never come back down.

    That was when I found my dream job running an Interior Design Studio in a very high end furniture and accessories store. I worked full time for 8 years. Many opportunities came my way with that job. Trips to Dallas Market and International Furniture Market in High Point, North Carolina.

    Now with inspiration  from your studio, I just might give the old drapery workroom a facelift, with color and display the fabrics that I usually put away. My 4 X8′ drapery sizing table surely has been  helpful in my quilting. I also have very good light, my house was built in 1920 so every wall has many windows.

    I am delighted to have you as a friend on Quilting Arts,