Showy Orchis

I was invited to enter a quilt in the Orchid Society Art Show this past March.  I picked the Showy Orchis since it is a wildflower here in Michigan.  It grows in the woods.  When I made this quilt I wanted the background to be heavily quilted to give the feel of a dense forest.  The fabric for the orchids was hand-painted to get the color I wanted for the petals.  The butterflies are three dimensional….and embellished with Swarovski crystals…..tiny dots on the wings were also hand painted.  I am pleased that the quilt won a first place ribbon and also won the trophy award.  Trophy award is the overall best piece of art in the entire show.  The one critic the judges had for the quilt had to do with the butterflies……the judges said I should only have one butterfly on the quilt.  Two split the field of vision…..I agree with them, but I like the 2 on the quilt….

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11 thoughts on “Showy Orchis

  1. Peggy, they always have to complain about something!  This is beautiful.  I really like the heavy quilting.  You did a great job on it.  Congratulations on your awards.  Beautiful quilt.

  2. Thank you both!!  I was very happy with the quilt.  And I really liked the balance the 2 butterflies gave the quilt.  I was pretty shocked when I discovered it had won the trophy award. I have been asked back for the next show…..will have to do something totally different to keep the judges on their toes!  Have a wonderful day.  Peggy

  3. Congratulations  on wining the award and trophy !  Your quilt is lovely and I like the heavy quilting .  BUT  I do have an issue with the placement of the butterflies … sorry about that,  my thought for what its worth.. if you had placed one butterfly  amongest the flowers , or near, and one approx. 2/3rd way up to the right hand , sore of triangle like , it might make a nice composition, let  me know what you think of my idea.  Otherwise very lovely, and I do love the butterflies on it. 

  4. Hi Anne,  What if I had used a smaller maybe different type of butterfly down by the flowers……hmmm, I think you have a great view of where those butterflies should have been placed.  Thanks for the tip!!!  Peggy

  5. Hi Peggy.. thanks for replying so soon, I just love this website and all the friends I get to share  our love of quilting art.  I think that  the larger butterflies shoud be near the flowers (closer)  and one somewhere bit more to  the left maybe on the boarder would BEnice …. and the smaller one approx. 2/3 up on the white part of the quilt (to the right.  Just place  them and see what your eye tells you.  The Artist always say that one should have an uneven number  on their composition  OFF SET  THE OBJECTS, THIS IS WHY THE JUDGES SAID THAT YOU SHOULD HAVE ONLY ONE BUTTERFLY, ONE  ALSO NEED BE CAREFUL NOT TO OVER CROWD, SO JUST PLAY WITH IT AND EYEBOLL IT !!!!! yOU DO LOVELY WORK, KEEP IT UP, LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING MORE OF YOUR WORK (COMPUTERS ERRRRRRRRR)

  6. Hi Anne,  I love this website too….since I started making landscapes and art quilts I always felt a little alone…most of my friends are traditional quilters.  This site gives us a great place to look at art, talk about art and the process thay we use when making our art.  And it all makes my heart race.

    I do agree with you about the larger butterfly being near the flowers….and smaller in the distance.  I will play with the butterflies and send another photo soon.  I understand about the odd number….and also about not overcrowding.  I have to be careful where I place the butterflies since I have butterflies quilted on the background…..thanks again for helping me with the quilt.  Always something to learn!!!  Have a wonderful day.  Peggy

  7. Lovely quilt.  I love your free motion quilting.  The butterflys in the background quilting probably won’t affect your placement of the 3-d butterflies.  It was a great idea to incorportate the background butterflies in the quilting.  Nice job.

  8. Hi Laura,  I really had fun with the quilting.  I have a rabbit and squirell quilted down on the lower border.  I was really trying to make the viewer feel like they were in a dense forest.  Thanks for your comments about the butterflies…..I will post another photo after I move the butterflies around.  Peggy

  9. Dear Peggy, in reading your artist’s statement, I see that we’re both avid, rabid gardeners. I love your idea of having your quilted gardens be what you have inside for the winter. I’ve used those same Monarch butterfly appliques on my quilts,and add Swarovski crystals in the little spaces between the veins. I LOVE how your quilting follows the contours of the flowers. That really makes them pop out!

  10. I love my flower gardens……have them everywhere around the yard….it always amazes me that the flowers come back every spring after being under the snow for months. I like your placement for the crystals on the butterflies…..I will have to do that with my next butterflies.    I really try with each quilt to make it unique and special and to feel like I loved making it. I hope my love of quilting shines through like it does on your quilts.   Isn’t QA wonderful!!!