Skittle Skedaddle

this little quilt has 500 pieces in a 25"x27" handworked quilt and the hardest part was making it fit the frame 🙂  I picked the fabrics for small prints and had to pick ten  differant ones and try to imagine what they would do when swirled around ,by doing this I picked primary colors and so had to go with a wild background ,after going thru everything in my stash I found a striped funky fabric and cut it to make the background , I named it Skittle Skedaddle because it reminded me of a package of skittles running around a table to get away from some hungry person 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Skittle Skedaddle

  1. Thanks all , folks around here just shake their heads at me, This one did turn out wild for sure, I wish I could see what the finished piece would look like before I make it , I can only get glimpes of a maybe, Ive got the fabric picked out for a 6 ft one now with three arms spiralling around, it is a odd thing with the wedges going one way and the color doing the work