Sneak Peek

Everyone likes to wait till the piece is finished to show it , but maybe a sneek peak might be more instructive, I am keeping pics so I can do another slide show of this,

she is going to be about 4 ft by 6 ft, almost life size figure, 

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7 thoughts on “Sneak Peek

  1. god bless you thats what I was thinking with that water , you cant hardly see it but the sun has weird faces staring back at you , I was thinking something on the name with a play off on her figure and the sun like  “Dont stare at me” 

  2. I think you totally have something to work with that is WICKED cool! The key that I have learned with pattern is being careful not to have all of it to visually register as one tone of pattern, you know. You need to have depth within the work so that it has a fore ground, mid ground and back round. The spelling on my description was wrong what I ment to say was “Starry Night” and that can be broken down to an Impressionistic  (the Artist Van Gough) feel to the piece. With his work, he was totally into visual registration of shape and tone of color with in his work to show depth of field within the working plane. If you want to go that route you might want to take tips from him. Are you planning to paint on the piece to give it washes of color? Are you planning to work with shears? Ms. Testa has great ideas on how to work with shears in her book?! I don’t know do you have her book?

  3. I live with a artist and he started out trying to teach me the rules and then realized I just go with my gut and get as cool  stuff that he does so hes kinda shut up lately , he waits till they are finished now mostly then tells me what he thinks , so still some sinks in, I caught him looking at her last night but he didnt say anything so I love to hear from people , I will put a sideway eye on her and then quilt her , I think I will echo the diamonds on this one , I forget what famous artist said , I made it that way just to see if I could , but that is kinda where I go with each one, I dont think I have a style because I like being free to try anything anyway . Theres nothing special or new about my quilts I love the old process I just want them to be unique , 

  4. It is not a sense of style that I am talking about it is a sense of what your vision is and how you express it. I am totally not trying to tell you how to work a piece (that is your business.) I am trying to express what Artist are you trying to mimic? What visual style are you going for? Even in the Quilt world there is visual styles of famous Artists, right? BTW, design rules aren’t something that you should resent they are there to guide you visually just to make a design have some interest to it. Not to control you or your work. Like I tell everyone that I am around in the quilt world, know the basics in design then PUSH the ENVELOPE as far as you can! More can be MORE if you know the basics of design.

  5. I love your comments  I dont always understand them but love them, I wish I had a style of my own , I get a flash of a ideal and then try to make it real , I’m a pretty good hand quilter and I guess as a Art Quilter I’m a outsider 🙂 but I love it and thats the important part to me , Thanks  

  6. I don’t mean to be critical I am just trying to understand? I think since I have taken a great deal of amount of college and I have learned the “rules” maybe I don’t know how to communicate? You said that your husband is an Artist so I thought you had the same lingo has he did when it came to Art?

    I think your ideas are wicked great I just didn’t want you to fall into any visual traps and not be happy with your work? I wanted to undestad where you inspiration was coming from that is all? Good Luck!