Sneak Peek Graffiti Kalidescope

just a sneak peek at graffiti in progess and the homelss tailless cat that is trying her best to impead my progress ,well she was homeless dumped last year out in the country looks like shes made herself at home these days 🙂 I should be finished with this quilt next week and will try to get a good pic of it but it is my second try at stack and whack ,and it was fun working on it, it was supose to be a bunch of baby size quilts but once my 'other' saw it he said now your smoking the good stuff and that he wanted it all made into a big quilt so we mixed the backgrounds together and made a king, So much for the best laid plans of mice and men and women and cats,As always the hardess part of my quilts is getting a good photo of them 🙂

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