Soupy’s Nostalgia

Hi everyone, this is the my first quilt top, now I must decide how and what I will quilt on it.  I used a pattern from Austrailias Patchwork and Quilting but I chose the fabrics differently.  I am just learning to sew so I am afraid to ruin it when I quilt it!  I'm quite proud of it.  In home economics in highschool I made One apron in 3 years so indeed this is quite an accomplishment for me.  There is a few different types of piecing in this quilt. First of all the dailia centre  then dresden plate,  and last but least is the seminole border.  This quilt took me over a year to make as I had to practice each different border prior to making the real quilt.  Next time I will pick something simpler to make …. possibly an art quilt !

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5 thoughts on “Soupy’s Nostalgia

  1. very nice top , I love grey and pink together in anything, dont be afraid of quilting it, I do handquilting , draw a pattern on the backing  with blue washable pens and secure it with pins or basting tacks and start in the middle working out , Just have fun with it , Good Luck   

  2. OMG!  This is your first quilt!  Ya know most people start with a simple sampler.  It so reminds me of my first quilt.  It looks wonderful.  I agree don’t worry to much about the quilting.  If you hand quilt it you will have more control and if you decide to machine quilt it, keeping the design simple will make it less scary.  Congrats!

  3. Thanks very much for your comments!  I taught myself how to quilt using my quilting bible (Better Homes and Gardens “How to Quilt Encyclopedia”) and various other magazines and web sites that teach how to do quilting. Believe me I struggled alot.  The border just before the seminole border didn’t measure up to what the pattern said and I didn’t know how big to cut the next pieces to get on track  with the pattern so I measured it and used Electric Quilt 6 and made a quilt to the same size and added a pink piece in there in order to bring in up to the correct size and I somehow managed to get on track ( I had already cut and sewn the seminole borders and didn’t want to waste them) it worked!!

    The colour is actually a pale bluish green and a turquoise but it goes very well with the pinks and dark brown.  I’m not very good with a needle and thread and am very shortsighted so I think I will machine quilt it.  I am considering buying a John Flynne Multi quilting frame.  Has anyone used a multi frame?  I have a 9 ” throat space on my janome 6600 P so I thought I would try it. 

    Thanks again for for your ideas and support!


  4. Your quilt is just stunning! You must be very proud of yourself! I love the color combination that you picked the do work well and I am sure any art quilt you do will be just as wonderful! Great Job. Nancy

  5. Thank you all so much for all of your wonderful feedback on my quilt.  I do love it and really want to finish the quilting.  I am moving house in a couple of weeks so I cannot start again until I unpack and get set up again.  I subscribe to Quilting Arts magazine and want to try many of the different techniques.  I absolutely love this magazine!

    I am working on my Bio and will post it soon thanks again for all the kindness… Shreddy my little pooch loves her raincoat but not until she had the last fitting.  I will post the picture of her expression after the 5th fitting. It’s priceless!