Space Froggy

Oh well….mmm… this little single bed applicae quilt id for my 3yo son but as you can see its abit …whats the word??

Well it is simetrical with the checkers not showing on the other side. Its meant to be space froggy…so a frog floating in space down the bottom..(that green thing hes actually got a cute space suit on).

Near him is a ufo and above him is a spaceship going back to earth (with australia sticking out like a sore thumb), and a few stars in the sky. Also froggy is meant to be walking on a big planet but not sure if that shows in the photo.

Im unenthused and would love some advise from YOU………

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2 thoughts on “Space Froggy

  1. I think if you continue the border on all sides that  you have at the top, and then add more stars, maybe a little bigger and in contrasting colors, throughout the quilt, it will be very nice.