Sparta Grill

100% cotton fabrics fused onto muslin. machine embroidered and shaded with acrylic paints and fabric markers. the piece is then quilted with a home sewing machine.

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6 thoughts on “Sparta Grill

  1. this old building i just loved because of the painted bricks. they were calling my name,it was the first time dealing with foliage and trees. they are harder than buildings.

  2. This is wonderful !   I’m fairly new to quilting; but I am a painter.  I didn’t realize you could actually use acrylics – what a fantastic idea.  I love the scene – congrats !  I’m anxious to begin doing something like this.  Thank you for sharing.   Lynda

  3. Wow this is so amazing.   You captured a lovely autumn day and I feel like I’d like to go into the resturant and order a tuna on whole wheat and a vanilla shake. Connie Matheu