Spider Eater with flower

I painted each piece (flower, bird leaves, etc…) with oil paint stiks.  The bird was very tedious to paint because of the thin' beak etc. Still trying to decide how to quilt it. 

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6 thoughts on “Spider Eater with flower

  1. Thankyou Peggy!  I forgot to add each piece was painted separately and then raw edged appliequed. The leaves, flower petals, birds beak etc…   Took 3 birds for I got it right…that is what happens when you are too anal about things.


  2. Very Nicely done… the shading is fantastic.. as far as quilting it…   I do feel in my humble opinion that its needs a bit more energy or movement in the piece.. weather that is echo quiltling ore repetive lines..   something to BRING the leaves and bird forward and the background to receed a tad.   But lovely job on the panting!