Spiral-dyed silk roving and hand dyed silk ribbons

Left is a mossgreen/brn/copper tone spiral- dyed silk roving, it is all one strand, but folded to show how many colors in strand.

Center is aqua/ teal blue/ teal green /royal blue spiral-dyed silk roving, all one strand but folded to show colors

three different hand-dyed silk ribbons; a lovely purple /blk/green: a blk/brown/copper and gold: and a beautiful antique bronze.

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2 thoughts on “Spiral-dyed silk roving and hand dyed silk ribbons

  1. Joan, spiral dyeing means the roving was spiral wrapped around a core, then dye was applied in a vertical stripe down the length of the core.  This creats a different kind ofpattern than other types of dyeing and allows the solors to blend more times than regular space dyeing.  Depending on the diameter of the core and the angle of the wrap, the numbers of colors able to be created is much greater  or less.  I hope this helps….Jim D

    Take a paper towel tube.  Wrap a strip of muslin at an angle from top to bottom and secure.  Then take a paint brush and apply a vertical stripe from top to bottom, change colors and do the same, use about 6 or seven colors if possible and then unwrap the strip from the tube.  See how many colors you have created other than the original?   Jim D