This is an ancient buddist symbol. The geometry of this quilt is based on triangles and on particular ratios like the golden one. I first painted the Sri Yantra and the I quilted it with machine.

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7 thoughts on “SRI YANTRA

  1. WOW… I was looking intently at your beautiful colors and my eyes started to play tricks on me with the triangles! I can see how this would be a transporting image in Buddhism… thanks for sharing your quilt.

  2. This is a wonderful quilt. I believe the “star”  is often thought to represent the Star of David, which was taken from the Buddist symbol, like the swastika.

    Do you know the significance of that symbol?


  3. Yantras ar geometric mandalas, the word it self meens something like “energy retention”

    In the Sri Yantra the upward-pointing triangles represent the masculine energy and the downward–pointinf triangles, the fenimine. And they become one.

    There are many web sites where you can find a deep explanation of the meaning of the Sri Yantra.

    Here you can find an article about from a geometrical ponit of view